Monday, July 30, 2007

I Can't Read Comments!

Hello, dear reader(s). I see a few comments accumulating in some of my recent threads. This is really annoying, cos I want to know what you're saying, but I can't read your learned musings due to the fact that Blogspot blogs are inaccessible in China! I'm not sure if I should switch on comment moderation so that I can read comments. What do you think? Leave an answer in comments.


Blogger Caz said...

Okay, a bit of a strange request if you can't read comments, 'ey?

You know you can tick a box in blogger so that comments are notified to you via email?

I'm assuming email isn't blocked.

Settings > Comments > Comment Notification Address : type in your email address in the field.


Fri. Aug. 03, 06:42:00 pm 2007  

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